AirRahe Ultralight Airport


Located in the southern part of Michigan AirRahe is a perfect location for
flying ultralights. The area is rolling farm land ...with all the lakes and rivers...and with Lake Eire just a stones throw away...each and every flight
promises to be more than just's flying at it's best.

Located just north of Toledo, Ohio on State route 23 AirRahe Ultralight's
offers the pilot easy access to his (or her) bird. It's between exit 5 and 9
off US 23. Go one block west to Bacon Road then south from exit 9, or north from exit 5.

AirRahe Ultralight is alive with activity year around. Many of the ultralights are equipped with ski's for the winter months and floats or standard gear for summer flying.

AirRahe Ultralights plan many events during the season. Fly-in's, picnics,
visits to nearby airports and others to numerous to mention. There's always something going on...even on the evenings..the place is alive with the sounds of "two-strokes."

AirRahe Ultralights also offers a pilot a well kept grass strip that's almost
2400 feet long. But, the big difference between this and most ultralight
fields is that it is extremely wide. You can takeoff and land in almost any
direction depending on the wind. And, as you know, landing into the wind is a big help in an ultralight.

One of the other beauties of flying into AirRahe Ultralights is the
camaraderie of the pilots. Everyone is more than happy to help a fellow
pilot with any problems he may have. It's not unusual to finish flying and
have everyone, pilots and their wives, show up for a big bonfire and cookout.

AirRahe sells Challenger Ultralights, although there are many other types
hangared at the field. There's always Used Ultralights for sale.

by:Don Lea