Carrageenan and Its Various Uses

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Carrageenan belongs to a specific plant family. It is to be found in all grocery products that you will come across. In fact, the all-natural foods also contain this ingredient in the form of an additive. You will find it in baby formula, organic tofu, yogurt, and also coconut milk. If you are considering as to whether it is safe to consume this ingredient or not then you should know that this is the safest ingredient unless you have an allergy. If you consume it in recommended dosage you will not experience any negative effect.

This active ingredient can be useful in inhibiting the growth of breast cancer in women. The effects of it on cancer have been proven by medical science. It inhibits cancer in women simply by improving the immune system of the body.

What are the Uses of Carrageenan?

At present, this ingredient is used in a wide array of products. However, two of its most common uses have been mentioned below.

Traditional Medicines: It is known to be the most active and powerful ingredient. It is used in such solutions that are used for the treatment of different health issues such as coughs, bronchitis, and intestinal problems. It has been clinically proven that this element can help in the reduction of inflammation, pain, and swelling.  The acidic form of this ingredient is used as a bulk laxative for treating conditions such as peptic ulcers. It has numerous uses in medical science and can help in the treatment of various disorders.

Food Additive: Irrespective of the fact that it has no nutritional value and does not offer any exclusive flavor, this serve as the perfect ingredient for the purpose of binding. It is commonly used as a stabilizing and binding element. There are several food items that you consume which contain this ingredient. You can also find it in dairy product and toothpaste.