A Short Overview of PG and VG in E-Liquids

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A Short Overview of PG and VG in E-Liquids

When you start vaping, you will come across two terms as you are choosing best e liquid. They are PG and VG. PG denotes propylene glycol while VG means vegetable glycerin. Both of these compounds tend to be present in e-liquids in varying amounts. They do have an effect on the experience you get when you vape. As such it is important to know about them.


The Properties of Propylene Glycol

PG is the most common base ingredient for a wide range of products. In fact, you will find it listed as an ingredient in thousands of products as it is considered to be safe for human consumption. It does not have any flavor of its own and is colorless as well. PG is known for being responsible for the throat hit. This is the burning sensation that occurs at the back of the throat in a similar fashion to the throat hits of cigarette drags.


The absence of taste allows PG to ensure that the flavors of the e-liquid can be clearly felt by the vaper. The thinness of propylene glycol makes it easier for the cart miser to produce flavorful vapor.


The Properties of Vegetable Glycerin

VG is widely considered to be safe for human consumption as well. As it is produced from vegetable oil, it is a completely natural product. It has an excellent thickness which causes it to produce a lot of vapor as compared to e-liquids that have more PG. On the other hand, the thickness makes it more likely to accumulate inside the cartomizer. As such, you need to clean the device more frequently. VG does have a slight taste which can affect the flavor at high concentrations.


When learning how to choose best e liquid, keep the above points in mind. They will help you determine if a given e-liquid is the right one for your needs.